Particulars of K0AIR Operation at K0FG

From: Paul W. Schleck K3FU (
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 20:01:16 CDT

I just paid a visit to Fred Groce's place to survey the station, and it
looks good. Operators should count on a fully-equipped, high-power HF
station, capable of voice, CW, and RTTY operation, in a downstairs
apartment in the basement of his house. Logging will be via LogEQF on
his PC directly interfaced with his transceiver (for automatic time,
frequency and mode recording). This apartment includes an operating
room, living room (including TV) and kitchen (including fridge and
microwave oven), all accessible via a separate, private entrance. Fred
says we can arrive as early as we wish on Saturday (call first, either
on 146.82- or at 322-0788). Overnight operation from Saturday through
Sunday is also authorized. The callsign used will be K0AIR and the
likely exchange will be /AF36 (for John Sheffield's USAF service
commencing in 1962).

All operators, regardless of license class, are welcome. Additional
non-amateurs who read this mailing list (such as our friends and fellow
veterans in other SAC organizations) are also quite welcome to visit
as observers and guests.

Here are the directions to Fred's place:

Take I-80 or US 6 East into Iowa. If taking I-80, get off at the US 6
exit past the Mall of the Bluffs exit at about mile marker 7 and head
east. Take an almost immediate right onto Sunnydale. Follow Sunnydale
to the end and take a left onto McPherson. Follow McPherson past the
Martin Orchards and the Council Bluffs Airport on the right.
Immediately after the airport there should be a left turn onto Edgewood
Addition (a tree-lined private roadway). Follow this until the second
left. Fred's house is the fourth one on the right. You can look for
either the address (21844 Vineyard Hills Dr) or the large tribander/40m
rotatable dipole on a tower. Enter through the back door. Any
questions may be directed to Fred or the K0AIR operators on duty on the
repeater frequency or at the phone number above.

73, Paul, K3FU

SACMARC Presdient
K0AIR Trustee

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